Artist’s Biography

A native of California's Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area resident Rosemary Machado is a mixed-media artist and maker of hand-crafted jewelry. Machado wanted to be an artist for as long as she can remember and began painting in acrylics at the age of 10 and oils at the age of 11. Machado's artwork consists primarily of mixed media shadow boxes, mixed media and oil on canvas, and mixed media and watercolor on paper. Redwoods, oaks, and willows are depicted in various settings: at dusk, at the height of autumn, alongside sections of topographic maps. She uses recycled fabric and glass, as well as natural found objects to create a variety of textures that gives each work a unique, captivating quality. Machado's works are striking and unusual and reveal something new each time one looks at them.


  • Bachelor of Arts , Studio Art (Painting), University of California, Santa Cruz, 1988
  • Classes in painting and drawing with Everett Jensen, Santa Maria, California, 1983-84


  • Current: Art Guild of Pacifica (AGP)
  • Past: ArtSalon of San Francisco (ArtSalonSF)


  • Award of Merit, 47th Annual Art Guild of Pacifica Exhibition, 2005


Feature Article by Tom Sullivan, Pacifica Tribune, May 21, 2008

"Rosemary Machado points to three favorite eucalyptus trees tucked into a distant hillside outside the front picture window of her [Pacifica] home. 'They speak to me,' she says, describing the gentle sway of their branches against the blue afternoon sky. 'And I always listen.'

"The rich blues and earth tones of two of her works, 'Dreaming Earth' and 'Memory of a Dream' seductively invite the viewer to step into her special view of nature surrounding us.

"'I invite people to see what I see,' she says. Machado described being captivated by the sounds, sights and textures of the tall redwood trees which provided a rich canopy over her head as she walked to and from art classes as an undergraduate at UC-Santa Cruz. That same uplifting feeling continues whenever she walks out the front door along home not far from the Sanchez Art Center and looks up into the majestic tall green trees which frame the back of the Linda Mar Valley."

From "Linda Mar artist explores nature's meditative mysteries". Photos of "Memory of a Dream", "Sleep #4", and "Dreaming Earth" appeared along with the article.

Review by Amy Owens, Pacifica Tribune, August 13, 2003

"Curator Bill Gallo guided me through the gallery, and we were both struck by the richness and diversity of the exhibit. His job was easy because of the exceptional quality of the art. Any of the intricate composites by Rosemary Machado are exemplary. 'Dreaming Earth' catches your attention and imagination with its built up and cut through surface. Playing with the boundaries of the traditional rectangular canvas, delicate leaves are built up outside the canvas while an exquisite dream catcher of sorts is cut right through."

From "Sanchez Art Center's West Wing Gallery Strikes It Rich" (review of "Show Us What You Got" Art Guild of Pacifica group exhibition). Photo of "Dreaming Earth" taken by Andrew Leone appeared along with the review.